Discus Quarantine Guide for Importers


Quarantine Tank Size

Fish Size Tank Size Water Height # Fish in Tank
2in 18 x 24 x 18 7in = 50 liter 20 – 30 pcs
3in 18 x 24 x 18 7in = 50 liter 15 -20 pcs
4in 18 x 24 x 18 14in = 100 liter 10 -12 pcs


Fish Size Tank Size Water Height # Fish in Tank
2in 15 x 24 x 16 8.5in = 50 liter 20 – 30 pcs
3in 15 x 24 x 16 8.5in = 50 liter 15 – 20 pcs


Additional Notes

Fish Adjusting to Water
Day 3 – If you feel fish not adjusted to water yet, then change 70% water only

Water Change to Clear Bacteria
Always do 100% water change from Day 4 onwards. Clear all mucus, waste and slime from tank. Bacteria left in the tank will be reduced.
Continued 100% water change onwards will help reduce bacteria and promote quick recovery.
When water changed, fish will be more active.

Method of Treatment
PP Solution is preferred over the use of Antibiotics.
PP Solution burns up organic matter, both good and bad. Using PP Solution, dosage is important. Correct dosage treatment depends on water quantity, number of fish and size.

Bacteria cannot build up resistant over PP Solution but they can if using Antibiotics. Over time, usage of Antibiotics will have no effect on stopping the bacteria. Much more powerful and expensive Antibiotics will be required.

OTC Antibiotics is used only after PP Solution treatment, on the 3rd day, if the discus show no signs of getting sick. Externally PP Solution should have destroy the bacteria and OTC is now to treat internal bacteria in the fish. OTC treatment must be followed through for 5 days.

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