To select good discus fish is not an easy work. You have to be very observant and alert. Below are some of the guidelines to help you

To judge the age of fish you will notice the eyes. Small eyes mean young age. A big body with small eyes means well growth. Small body size with big eyes means old age or stunted.

Disc shape means round. So discus fish means round fish. You must select round shape. Elongated shape is call “bananas fish” by breeders. It is a low quality fish.

Hiding at a corner and feel shy is not active at all. Knocking at the glass asking for food and fighting for food while feeding, this is active and alert. They are healthy fish.

The color of fish is bright, shiny and attractive. This means it is a beautiful fish.

All the dorsal, tail and anal fins must be in good shape. They are clean and transparent, no torn, no clapping.

This is the most specific points that ones should know the special characteristic of the certain fish that you want to select.

  • Spotted fish
    Evenly spread spots and with no join spots or spots sticking together
  • Solid color
    The whole body covers with same color, no dust or peppering
  • Melon
    The color must be red like watermelon. Red Turquoise must have nice stripes with red base and so on

Good quality pays good money. Insist of buying good quality fish. It is worth buying and you get your money worth!

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