How to Feed your Discus Fish

Discus eats all kinds of food and they like live food:

  • Brine Shrimp – fry / baby discus
  • Tubifex worm – young discus (1.5 in size)
  • Bloodworm, Beef heart burger – young discus (2in size) to adult discus
  • Dry food or pellets – young discus (2in size) to adult discus

When they are not eating ..

  1. Do water changed and starve the fish for a few days
  2. Then feed them with live food. Little bit at a time. Be patient
  3. Repeat step 1 if they do not eat
  4. If the fish still not eating, most properly you have to deworm (Deworming Deworming How to Deworm?) the fish
  5. If they are always scared, hiding or easily frighten, they might not eat. Do provide them a comfortable environment and put the fish tank in suitable location (Suitable Tank Location)

Discus in their natural habitat, have very little to eat. If they do not eat for one or two weeks, they would not die of starvation. Do not feed them too much food. Over feeding is a bad practice. Left overs will pollute the water and the fish will have no appetite to eat. Do not feed brine shrimp to adult discus. It is too small for the adult fish to eat. Feed the amount they can eat. Over feeding can cause endless problems not because of live food or dry food, it is because of left over food that causes trouble.

Eating dry food

If you have been feeding them with red worms or beef heart, they would not like to eat flake, pellets or dry food. If you need to feed them with flake then you must train them to eat flake. Feed them when they are very hungry. Discus will eat pellets or dry food. You will have to train them. Starve them in the morning. Feed them in the afternoon. Little bit at a time. Be patient.

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