How to make beefheart for discus ..

In our farm, our breeder has this formula below for our farm’s discus fish. This diet is prepared to ensure our discus fish gets the best nutrition possible. The ingredients are mixed together and commonly referred to as “discus fish burger”.

Additional Notes:

  1. Beefheart is mixed raw
  2. We do not give Spirulina to our fish every day. Once a week, we mix in the food and feed them. The combination is 1 gm Spirulina per 100 gm
  3. Any brand of Spirulina will do as long as it is prepared for aqua culture use
  4. Any baby milk powder will do. It is a perfect food for baby discus fish. It will cloud the water. Change water after feeding
  5. Any multi vitamin can be used. Feed them once a week
  6. No gelatin or jelly is added. Use any container that can make cubes to put the food mixture. Place the container with the food mixture in the freezer to be frozen before use.

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