How to care for discus?

This is a collection of articles written by our discus fish breeder Mr Teoh Su Lock with the intention to promote and to share his experience in keeping discus. Find out how to choose good quality fish for your aquarium, Guide to keep discus with great results and to win in competitions plus much more …

  • Going away for Holidays

    Leaving your discus unattended while you are away for holidays or vacation When going for holidays … how to leave them unattended? You can leave your fish and go for holiday. Check the following: Change water with clean tank No feeding as the water will get polluted after heavy feeding The fish can go without […]
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  • Caring for your Discus

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  • How to Keep discus fish with great results!

    Guide to keep discus with great results and to win in competitions. Frequently asked Question “I have been keeping discus fish for a year and would like to know how to produce beautiful and high quality fish. Are there any secrets or tips so as we can enjoy keeping discus as an interesting hobby?” There […]
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  • Selecting your discus fish

    To select good discus fish is not an easy work. You have to be very observant and alert. Below are some of the guidelines to help you EYES To judge the age of fish you will notice the eyes. Small eyes mean young age. A big body with small eyes means well growth. Small body […]
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