Why are my discus fighting?

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I actually just bought my first pair of discus about a month ago.. I did not know anything about them (previously to just reading the info on the site). So I guess I’ve been lucky. They are young and healthy, seemingly very intelligent. As I watch them, especially later in the evening they seem to bicker and peck at each other but as far as I can tell they aren’t hurting each other. Although, I have 2 baby angels I’m probably going to have to do something about right? My tank is 120gallons, 86deg/F roughly 30/31C.. I read on this site that I shouldn’t have other fish. I’ve got lots of other fish, all very small .5 – 2.5in. in length with the exception of 2 bala sharks all are much smaller than the discus and seem to not be causing any conflicts.. are there any precautionary actions I should take?


1. Fighting Discus:
If the discus fish fight they normally can kill the weaker ones.
But we often mistaken when they are chasing one after another as fighting.
Yes there are naughty ones they like to bully others. There would not be any problems if they do not fight back. She will be tired after chasing so many others.

2. Courting:
When they are in love they do not like others to disturb. They will chase the rest away. This is not fighting. When they become a confirmed pair they keep themselves away from others. They will lay eggs soon.

3. Guarding eggs:
After laying eggs they will become very fierce, emotional and nerves. They will guard their eggs. They will chase or fight if any one comes near their eggs.

4. Pecking parasites:
When they peck on others bodies it could be helping them to get rid of the parasites on their bodies.

5. Intelligence
Of course they are intelligent. You will see and expedient more interesting scene like caring their babies and nursing their babies feeding them from their own bodies.

6. Many Strains
There are many strains in discus with different colors, patterns. Keeping them all in one tank with their own kind will be interesting.

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