Internal Parasites – Discus Worm, What are the Symptoms and How to treat it?

Symptoms of internal parasites in Discus: a) not eating b) not growing c) dull color

Why discus fish refuse to eat?
Healthy discus fish eat anything you give, when they are hungry. If they do not eat, there must be something wrong the fish and not the food. They have no appetite to eat because of internal parasites – WORM

Why discus fish eat but they do not grow?
All the nutrition intended for the discus is taken up by the worms. Discus free from worms will turn the food into nutrition for them to grow.

Color of discus fish look very dull
The color of the discus does not look attractive. Even when using natural enhancer, it does not show improvement as all the vitamins and nutrition is taken by the worms.

Discus should be treated for worms. We must de worm them once every month. Especially if they are fed live food, tubifex worm and bloodworm, as these do bring internal parasite to the discus. Treat them and get rid of worms every month. Your discus will eat, grow and they will look attractive.

Types of Internal Parasites
Hexamita, Roundworms, Capillaria, Threadworms Tape Worm, Metacercaria, Sanguinicola

For the treatment of flagellates (most common ailment of discus):
When you see white feces (white excrement) are present in the tank, and the fish will not eat then use:

  • Metronidazole B.P. Tablets – 200mg
  • Dosage: 2 tablets for 50 gallons water

Change water and repeat the treatment everyday for 5 days. When white feces disappeared and see black feces, internal parasites cleared.
Metronidazole B.P. Tablets Ð 200mg

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