• Discus Quarantine

    Before introducing new fish into your tank, they should be quarantined. This is to prevent the fish bringing in bacteria, parasites and disease from outside. You cannot skip this process; otherwise it will give you endless of disease problems. Method: You will quarantine your fish in a special tank using the steps below: 1. Give the new fish […]
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  • OTC and Copper Sulphate

    Treatment with OTC and Copper Sulphate It is very effective combination for treating discus fish, covering quite a wide range of fish diseases, especially discus fish. It kills parasites and bacteria internally and externally. The dosage and duration of treatment is important. Otherwise most of time you will be very disappointed. But it is very […]
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  • Keeping Discus Healthy

    How to care for discus fish? Prevention is better than cure Fish keeping is an enjoyable hobby that you can have your leisure hours with family and friends. Common topic to chat about with friends around you and will feel satisfied when your small beauties showing off in front of you knocking at the glass. […]
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  • Discus Fish Plague

    Why discus turned black? What is black disease? What is discus plague? Black disease also referred to as Discus Plague. It is a disease caused by virus. Discus fish will die when the virus attacks them. If it happens in a discus farm, it will kill all if no proper action taken to prevent it […]
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  • Chlorine

    Treatment for Chlorine poisoning When you you should use the chlorine tester to find out whether the water contains chlorine. If so, use chlorine neutralizer to get rid of chlorine – (hypo). After changing water, if the content of chlorine is high, it will kill the fish in a very short period of time. You […]
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