Determine the sex of discus fish

To find out male or female in discus is not an easy task. For an Asian to tell whether a person is a Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malay or Korean is easy. However, for an Asian to tell whether a person a German, English, American, Italian, French or Spanish is not easy. To find out male or female in discus depends on the different strains. In different strains, they have different specific characteristics to determine male or female. A breeder who keeps or specialize in Brilliant or Cobalt, he can tell the sex, male or female easily. It would be difficult for him to determine male or female in other strains he does not keep.

Of course there are still basic ways to determine the sex:

By nature, male is tougher and bigger. It has thicker lips as a weapon to fight. He is more aggressive. But when they are young, it is not obvious to notice. The dorsal fin of a male is pointed. The female is round. When they are young both male and female dorsal fins are round. Only when the male is older, you can see the dorsal fin is pointed. In between anus and the spine of the anal fin. Closer is female. (Near the anal fin). The anus of the female is boarder for the tube to deliver eggs.

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