Discus won’t eat

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My husband bought some discus from the fish shop and he wants to know why they won’t eat they are in a 4ft tank and no one disturbs the tank and we had the discus for about 2 weeks. He is worried that the discus will die. Could you please give him some advise.

This is the new environment to the fish.
They will take some time adapt to it.
Sometimes it helps to give them the same food as they have been eating before.
Once they have adapted to the environment, you can slowly train them to eat other food.

Discus Growth Rate

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I have a 50 gallon tank and having six discus. Though i am feeding them home made beef heart regularly but the growth of the fish are not to my choice. What should I do for their growth.
the food consist of beef heart egg yolk and green peas.

Please refer to our discus fish burger in our website.

Discus Growth Chart

If the fish are healthy, no parasites internal or external, they will grow well accordingly to their normal speed growth.
For force growing, you will feed them many times a day. Watch out the quality of water. You will have to change water every time after feeding.
If it is not for commercial reason you need not force them to grow.

Is daphnia good for baby discus?

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Is daphnia good for 2 1/2 week old fly? I heard they get sick after some time, I have been feeding brine shrimp and I don’t have any brine shrimp left to feed can I feed them daphnia? If sick what kind of sickness do they get and how do I treat them?

Yes, Daphnia is good for the fries.

Daphnia may carry bacteria and will cause the discus fry to get sick.
You can prevent or reduce it by:
Change water after feeding them daphnia.
Occasionally add salt to the tank.

Another method is to cultivate them inhouse by getting a daphnia starter culture.

Different growth rate

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Why process of growing small discus fish is different? I have about 25pcs of young fishes and some of them is 2cm and another 5 cm. What is the reason of this size? They have been born in the same day.


To get all fries to grow in the same size is an art in feeding.
You have 25 pieces of discus fishes. You will know how much exactly they can eat. Feed them heavily at a time. They need not fight but they have their share. Even the weaker ones also have taken their share.

After half an hour or so, siphon the entire left-over, so as not to pollute the water.
Of cause you have to keep the fish healthy. They should not fall sick.

Raw Food and Deworm

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I used to feed my discus with frozen bloodworm (their only preference), What kind of medication that I have to give them every month for deworm and how?

You need to do the following:
— Fortnightly apply Epsom salt after changing water.
— Treat them Metronidazole B.P. Tablets – 200mg
Dosage: 2 tablets for 50 gallons water.

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