Discus Attacked …

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I have four fish,they lived very calmly for about 8 months but now, two of them have started fighting with each other. One of them changes it’s color into a lighter color, at the same time the other, changes it’s color into a much brighter color. One is much weaker and it does not seem that he wants to continue in fighting.
Still the other one is attacking him. What is the problem with my fish? And what can I do?

It indicates many things when discus fish is fighting.
a) Bully B) Mating C) Spawning d) Showing off

If (a): Remove her temporary to another tank, then return.
If (b) and (c): Remove the rest for the pair to breed.
If (d): Increase the population and make her tired.

Find out the reason why then do what you think necessary.

Discus Community Tank

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I have a community tank. It consists of 4 med sized black angels, 3 med tri-color sharks, 3 different corys, one med opaline gourami 9 neons and 2 3in Discus.
My tank is very clean and disease free. It is fairly well planted with Amazon swords, java ferns, and some crinkly type tall grassy looking plant which the name evades me at the moment. I have heard that placing Discus with Angels is not a good idea..but so far so good. I was wondering how they are going to be with the other fish in the tank.
So far they all seem to be getting along well with few minor territorial squabbles..but they are fiesty themselves. Can you give me some direction on how to care for these young discus. I am feeding them blood worms, tubifex worms (both dried and desease bacteria free ones) and of course some Tetra Min Tropical Flake food which the discus seem to only have heartedly eat. The current PH in the tank is at 6.7. Nitrates/Nitrites are at 0ppm..I keep up with weekly water changes. Use buffers too. The tank size is only 40 gallons.

The two discus fish can get along well with all the tank-mates you have in the tank. I think you need not worry too much about the angels. As long as you can keep the tank free from disease.

Discus bully each other

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I bought 8 baby discus about 2 to 3 inch. They can’t get along with each other. What can I do for them to stop fighting?

This is normal as some kids are active and energetic.
It cannot keep still and like to bully.
Take him out in separate tank for sometime then return to the tank.
Or introduce more fish in the tank. He will get tired soon.

Why discus change dark color?

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Can you please tell me why my fish disdus change to dark color and it does not eat about a week. It doen’t seem sick, acted normal. I keep it with 3 other discus those are eat a lot. Is it okay to keep a baby silver arowana together with discus fishes?


The fish changes dark in color mean she is not feeling well. She will be sick later on. Put her in a hospital tank. Treat her with Acriflavine solution plus salt. Change water and repeat the treatment for a few days. It will not be okay to keep Arowana together with discus fish.

A Discus only tank

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I’m changing a 40 gallon tank to a 90 gallon tank for Discus only. There are 7 breeds I like, would I be able to have an adult pair of each in the tank with a few Neon Tetras, Black Widows and Cat fish (to keep the algea under control)? What is a good variety of plants to have in the tank and is it suitable to have drift wood and rocks in the tank as well?


You can have many adult fish in a tank but not 7 breeding pairs and breed in the same tank. Of course you can keep them in the main tank but they must spawn in a breeding tank. As long as they can get along well you can have other small fish in the tank. To get the algae away you have to control the light. Too much sunlight will encourage algae growth. Plants and drift wood are good.

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