Moving discus home and upgrade

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I will be moving home shortly and  will be upgrading from a 27 gallon tank to a  72 gallon tank.  I wish to change the decor to incorporate more and better live plants. Would you recommend sand with bog wood and running a under ground filters with my external filters. Also what is the best method to transport discus and hold them before a new tank system is ready? Would a clean plastic dustbin be OK ?


You can get live plants, drift wood and gravel from the local pet shop.
Yes, you can use clean plastic dust bin to hold the fish temporary.

Provided there must be enough oxygen with air bubbles.

Discus Planted Tank

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I am setting up a 72 gal. Bow front tank for Discus. I want to use plants but am considering fake plants in case the Discus get sick. I don’t want the plants to die if the Discus were medicated for disease. I assume that plants can be changed out if the Discus were medicated. If fake plants are fine, what type of fabric texture should I purchase in order not to damage the Discus?


It is true that many chemicals will kill the plants. You are right using fake plants can avoid the medication problems. You will purchase from the pet shop specially meant for aquarium. You need not buy a lot of fake plants.
You would decorate the tank with big stones, small stones and gravel. Drift wood would also make your tank look attractive.

A Discus only tank

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I’m changing a 40 gallon tank to a 90 gallon tank for Discus only. There are 7 breeds I like, would I be able to have an adult pair of each in the tank with a few Neon Tetras, Black Widows and Cat fish (to keep the algea under control)? What is a good variety of plants to have in the tank and is it suitable to have drift wood and rocks in the tank as well?


You can have many adult fish in a tank but not 7 breeding pairs and breed in the same tank. Of course you can keep them in the main tank but they must spawn in a breeding tank. As long as they can get along well you can have other small fish in the tank. To get the algae away you have to control the light. Too much sunlight will encourage algae growth. Plants and drift wood are good.

Plants for a discus tank

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Can you tell me some common plants that are used in planted discus tanks? My father in law owns a pet shop here and we have a plant book but the proper names are listed there. and in the suppliers catalog they are listed by a common name and i have no idea what to get for my new friends(2 2″cobalt blue and 2 2″purple face) any help would be great!

1. The most suitable plants you can plant for discus should be sword-plants.
They have board leaves. Fish like to lay eggs on it.
2. Other plants like guppy plants and corkscrew are also suitable.

Salt and Plants

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My tank is planted. Could I get away with using a little less salt and not kill my plants? Not use any salt? Or get rid of the plants? the tank is in the Living Room so I would like it to look nice but of course I want the Discus to be happy and healthy. Another question The only Blood Red is pairing up the another kind. Should I pull it untill the other one pairs up with one of its own kind?

1. The fish are all right. There is not necessary to add salt in the tank. Salt is only to disinfest bacteria and some kinds of parasites.
2. If the fish is sick, you should treat them in the hospital tank, which is bare without plants.
3. Inter-married is no harm. Next round you can pair them with their own kind.

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