Raising Discus Fish fry

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I have 3 pr of spawning discus my best pair eat the babies when they start to free swim.. This is the third time….HELP

Change of environment
Before the pair decides to spawn they will look for a location which they feel safe and suitable for them.
Then they will lay eggs. Once they have spawned please remain the environment the same. Do not do any changes. Do not frighten them or else they will eat the eggs or babies.

Inducing Discus Fish to Spawn

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Introducing my self as a breeder since last 12 years with good success but during last 2 months all my 14 pairs consisting of white face marlboro, red marlboro, blue turquoise have stop laying eggs (all pairs) I want to know the reasoning remedy. My feeding consits of live bloodworms, tubifex worms,and mixture of beefhearts and
regular water change, healthwise all are healthy and eating well.


How to breed discus?

The following tips will get pairs to spawn. Keep in mind that all discus are set in their own ways. Once you learn the personality of your discus, breeding them is not so hard!.

Water Ways
1. Cold water changes of 4 to 5 degrees colder.
2. Big water changes daily of 50%.
3. No water changes for one week at a low pH of 5.5 – 6.0, sometimes lower.
4. Large R/O water change.
5. Large tap water change (if parameters are in your favor).

Parameters Way
1. pH changes with acid or R/O, either from high to lower or low to higher!
2. Peat moss.
3. Conductivity change, low to high or high to low.
4. Medications to clean up your discus to make them feel good and want to spawn.
5. Water from a tank of discus that is breeding.
Other Ways
1. High temperatures of 88 – 90° F.
2. Move the pair to a new tank.
3. Add a third discus to the pairs’ tank. I prefer a female, but sometimes males work just as well. It all depends on the discus.
4. No lights with the sides, back, and bottom covered!
5. Direct sunlight.

The Best Way!
1. Good, healthy discus to start!
2. Daily water changes.
3. Good foods and a large selection (live is great to induce spawning).
4. Never try to rush things — take your time and have patience.
5. Proper parameters for breeders!

If you are able to perform numbers 1 – 5, YOU SHOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM BREEDING DISCUS AT ANY RATE!

How Long Do Discus Breed For?

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I Recently Purchased A Couple Breeding Pairs of Discus. Was Told By A Local Fish Store That, Once The Discus Have Layed And Raised The Babies, They Are Only Productive For 12-18 Months From That Time Then The Batches Drop Off. Is It True? The Older The Pairs Are The Less Eggs They Produce? Or is It Like Other Cichlids Where The Older Bigger And
More Mature The Pairs Get The More Eggs They Produce?

What your friend said is quite true.
They can breed roughly about 30 times.
They can lay eggs twice a month.
The older pair will get fewer eggs.

The younger pair will lay lesser eggs.
The more mature pair will lay more eggs.


Maturity and Mating

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How long is needed to leave the female and the male for mating?

The maturity depends on different strains.
The red base mature earlier than the blue base.
Some can mate at 8 to 10 months.
Blue base like blue diamond takes about 20 months.

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